S.S.S. Videos:
Reaching Out: The Importance of Early Treatment

  • Physician’s Version (10 minutes)
  • School & Community Health Version (20 minutes)

“Stranger in the House” (20 minutes)

“Schizophrenia: The Great Disabler of Young People” (Partnership Program

Recommended Viewing from our Resource Library:

“Working Together – Things Can Get Better”. Janssen Ortho Inc.

“The Bonnie Tapes: Recovering from Mental Illness”. 27 mins.
“The Bonnie Tapes: My Sister is Mentally Ill”. 22 mins.
“The Bonnie Tapes: Mental Illness in the Family”. 20 mins. 

Mental Illness Education Project. 1997.

“After the Tears: Teens talk About Mental Illness in Their Families”. United Mental Health Inc. 1987.

“First Break” .The first episode of mental illness in a person’s life. National Film Board of Canada. 51 min. 1997.

“I Love You Like Crazy”. Mental Illness Education Project. 1999.

“Living With Schizophrenia: A Patient’s Guide to Compliance”.. Eli Lilly Inc. 1989.

“Schizophrenia: The Great Disabler of Young People”.. SSS Inc. 2002.

“Shattered Dreams”. National Film Board of Canada. 1989.

“Stranger in the House”. Heartland Motion Pictures Inc. and SSS Inc. 1992.

“What You Should Know … Living with Schizophrenia”. Bill McPhee, Editor. Magpie Publishing Inc. 60 mins., 1997.

“It’s Just Different – Childhood Schizophrenia”. Captial Health Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. 1997.

“A Journey Through Turbulence: Impact of Schizophrenia on the Family”. Dr. Sylvia Geist., North York, Ontario, 1994.

“DAD”. Chris Triffo. Partners in Motion, Regina, Saskatchewan. 1997.

“Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia”. Janssen-Ortho Inc. 1995.

“Reaching Out – The Importance of Early Treatment”. SSC. 2003

“The 7th Wave”. University of British Columbia. 1987.

“Walk Beside Me”. Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia.

“What to Expect from Clozaril”.

“Understanding & Communicating with An Individual Who Is Hallucinating”. Mary D. Moller, MSN,ARNP, CS .

“Reach One, Teach One”. The Peer Education Project in Action.

“The Shattered Mind”. Investigators Report 1999.