Help and Inspire Future Generations

When reviewing what we have done in our lives, we often look for lasting meaning. We may wonder: “Did I make a difference? Or How will I be remembered?” Planning a Gift in a Will that will help future generations can bring a sense of peace and joy to these contemplations.

You Have Gifting Options

Some of these options are deferred and will be received by the Schizophrenia Society after your lifetime. Some will go to work during your lifetime. All deliver their own individual kinds of tax advantages and these can be very powerful tools to save money in your Estate or for your present needs.

The Importance of Legacy Giving

Your legacy gift or gift in your will is one of the most significant and lasting contributions you can make. Your donation can help to ensure there is a future in which Saskatchewan works together with respect for those affected by mental illness and their families and together we can build a stronger community without stigma.

Ways to Plan Your Legacy Gift

How can you plan a gift? You have several options, and each has its own set of unique tax advantages. Call us toll-free at 1-877-584-2620 to find out more about planning your legacy gift or visit our webpage on the WillPower website.

Legacy Donor Stories


Thomas Bartram

Thom was a dedicated member and active visitor of the society. His legacy gift helped the Schizophrenia Society purchase our new location at 1311 Saskatchewan Drive. We have named our Wellness Center in our new building after him.

Shirley Skelton

Shirley Skelton was a volunteer, board member and President of the SSS for many years. She was a mental health professional presenter on the Saskatoon partnership team and helped with the family support group and various mental health events in the community. Her generous legacy contribution to the SSS in her will is just another example of her giving and supporting nature. She left a lasting impact on mental health and the SSS that will be felt for many years to come.