Peer support is an evidence-based approach that helps reduce hospitalizations, crisis service use, and it has also been shown to help increase the proper use of medications. A peer support worker helps individuals by using their own life experiences and knowledge.

What can a peer support worker help with:

  • Accepting the past and instilling hope for ever-increasing wellbeing.
  • Help you learn how to advocate for yourself.
  • Connect you with the local community and mental health resources.
  • Listening to troubling thoughts or difficult life situations. These are individuals who “get it”.

Please visit the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s website for more information on the evidence-based positive outcomes of peer support.

The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan's peer support worker, Maria Alvarez has been trained through the Saskatoon health region. As a peer support worker, she regularly attends The Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Community of Practice peer support sessions. She is in the office Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Currently, she can be reached for phone appointments at 306-584-0755 or